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Name:Hel Angrbodasdóttir
Background Information

IMPORTANT: Please do not add this journal as a 'friend'. I understand this may be an inconvenience but I find that journals start looking dated and messy when you see lots of strike outs on the 'friend of' list. I also believe that when one has 100 friends, one can't keep track of them all. I'd prefer to get to know a few special muses who won't need to see their names on my journal to know that I enjoy CR with them. My previous journal, [personal profile] hospitable_hel is currently being used as an OOC journal and you may add that if you wish. This RP journal will continue on to my older version of Hel, [personal profile] hagiaofhelheim.

The new titles for her journals provide something of a clean slate. I have taken the things I liked most from playing Hel, and have discarded whatever wasn't working. I am remaining more faithful to the original Norse mythology this time. There is an emphasis on the rawness of the Ironwood's (or Jarnvidr's) tribal culture over the glamour that is often associated with Death. Hel's relationship to her mother, and her place of origin are also themes I'd like to explore here. Those who have Marvel or MCU verses with me may continue building on our established CR in a separate verse. Please excuse the work in progress.



Gylfaginning 34:

[Disclaimer: RP journal for the figure from Norse mythology. I am not affiliated with the gorgeous and lethal Saoirse Ronan. Mun is over 18 while muse is not, technically speaking, of age.]
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